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Favorite Sites.

Adam Nitti -- the bad-to-the-bone evil brother of Victor Wooten
Joe Falk -- this is one funky, soul-full german!!!
Andie Mette -- My brother from another mother ... killer guitarist
Dave Mette -- the brother of my brother from another mother ... killer drummer from Heidelberg
Lars Peter -- so talented, that it makes me sick
Daniel Jakobi -- the other killer drummer from Heidelberg
chunky monkey production -- web designer and amazing bass freak ... 'nuff said
Be One Entertainment -- the BEST event planner in Europe ... AND MY WIFE!!!!
Zeichen D -- the best graphic designer in Europe ... I AM NOT KIDDING ...
Hardster --- rhythm guru and mystical timekeeper (plain English:  he's a killer drummer and DJ)
Superzwei -- Killer music, killer message, and will make you laugh your ass off
Blade Guitars -- they rock my world, so i can rock yours ;-)
Crafter Guitars -- the sound of Martin and Taylor for half the budget
Determination -- my old guitar student's band
Fender Guitars -- been using them since birth ;-)
Fusebox -- my good friend Billy's band
Jamie Moore -- the 5th Beehive man
Absolute Jack -- butt-kickin' rock from Cobb County
Mesa Boogie Amps -- who doesn't like these?
OM Ships -- serving the world with love and compassion
on a mission -- home of Manu, Dave, Simon, Andie and Joe
Ty Tabor -- the guitarist for King's X ... need i say more?
Paul Gilbert -- makes me wanna quit playing guitar every time i watch him play
Peavey Amps -- the bastard child of Vox and Mesa Boogie ... and rocking my world since birth
Pro Arte -- these guys have the best collection of acoustic guitars in all of Germany
David Ryan Harris -- soul. passion. energy. a voice to die for.
Shane Theriot -- »The Riot« Theriot ... New Orleans Funk/ Jazz/ Rock badass guitarist ... and class act
Vox Amps -- client list includes: The Beatles/ Nickleback/ Our Lady Peace/ and ME!!!
Zeichen der Zeit -- German music project that includes some of the best of Germany
Allee der Kosmonauten -- freaks of nature ;-)
The FBI -- bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you?
The CIA -- kicking ass and taking names all over the world